The Fastly outage: a tale about the modern Web

A few days ago I wrote a Twitter thread about the global Fastly outage that was taking place at the moment. Following my trend of recycling content for this blog, I’ll repost it here. Right now there is a global outage that is affecting some of the most used websites, making them partially or completely unavailable. The reason is a failure in a company that you may have never heard of called Fastly. [Read More]

Autoscaling workloads with Celery and Kubernetes

Kubernetes offers a wide range of functionalities to manage containerized applications and create complex distributed systems. One such utility is to automatically scale the number of replicas in a deployment when the workload increases. In this post we’ll see a simple example of how to use Kubernetes’ Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to dynamically adjust the number of workers that are consuming a task queue in a Flask + Celery app. [Read More]