Tuenti Challenge 9 part 3

Hola, Internet! I’m back again with the last post about the problems that I solved during the Tuenti Challenge 9. The previous two posts can be found under this tag. Today I’ll cover exercises 8, 9 and 10. Personally problems 8 and 10 were the most enjoyable. Let’s go! Challenge 8 - Tasty secrets This is a find-your-way-in kind of problem. Presented only with a login form and told not to try brute-forcing. [Read More]

Tuenti Challenge 9 part 2

Hello, Internet! In my previous post I talked about my solutions for the first 4 problems of the Tuenti Challenge 9. Today we’ll go up to the problem 7. You can find all the posts with solutions grouped here. Challenge 5 - Forbidden Love Not much to say about this one. We know that the messages are encoded so that each letter is substituted by the one located X columns and Y rows away from its original position in the keyboard of the used typewriter. [Read More]

Tuenti Challenge 9 part 1

Hi, there! For the last few days I’ve been participating in the Tuenti Challenge, a coding competition organized by the engineering team of Tuenti. There are a total of 20 problems that you need to solve in order with the possibility of skipping 3. Most of them are related with algorithmic search and optimization, but there are also some nice ones related with security. This was my first time participating and I have to say that it was a really cool experience and I’m happy with what I’ve done: started 11 problems, solved 9, and finished the 66th out of at hundreds of participants. [Read More]