Browsing Hygiene: My Holy Trinity Of Browser Plugins

A few days ago, a friend asked me about computer security and privacy. He wanted to learn how to be safe online and be up-to-date with the different kinds of risks that exist on the internet. Also, he doesn’t have a background related to technology. I must admit that I blanked. That request is very logical and pertinent in our current world, but how do I answer it? I have spent the best part of the past six years learning about computers and don’t feel even remotely close to provide a comprehensive response. [Read More]

Web technologies

Intro In 1992, a scientist working at CERN created HTTP, a protocol to access files stored in remote computers, starting the Web as we know it. Since then, the scope of the usage of the Web has broadened greatly. For each new challenge, new approaches and technologies were introduced into the ecosystem. As a result, the Web nowadays is built on top of a very complex and heterogeneus set of technologies that developpers need to take into consideration when building or maintainning systems. [Read More]