Buzzwords: Internet

Listen here! Internet is one of the most important concepts in human history, if not the most. Born in sixties, it became a cultural phenomenon in the nineties with the creation of the web and the first web browsers. Nowadays, Internet is the foundation upon which most of the infraestructure and services we need in a daily basis are built on.  And, of course, it has changed the way we understand social interactions and information sharing. [Read More]

New podcast: Buzzwords

So, it happened. I started a podcast! Internet, operative systems, artificial intelligence, blockchain… These buzzwords are repeated over and over again in press and marketing campaigns. Probably you also use them in your conversations. But do we understand what these words represent? Or do we just accept them as magical gifts that only nerds can comprehend? In this podcast I’ll explain in simple terms some of the technological concepts that shape the current world. [Read More]